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from Elder Jeffrey R. Holland

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  • Life is filled with times of trouble…Do not fall victim to the temptation to say, 'Well, I guess God doesn't love me,' because what on earth would that say about His love for His only begotten Son.

  • In your worst despair, in your toughest moments, in your darkest hours, God is in your corner and what on earth can be against us then?

  • The task is just keep keeping on…To be the perfect anything, I know I'm not going to measure up there, but I can at least keep trying.

  • Even as you work on serious true challenging personality traits, see the good in yourself; see the potential good... and find that what was a weakness... is there to be turned into a strength.

  • Heaven knows those sweet kids of yours are going to be on the battle ground... remember that these were God's children before they were yours and how ever much you worry about them, He is just doing a lot more than that.

  • Some parts of the discipleship require that walk, basically His walk, and it will always require a journey to the summit of Calvary.

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